Froliq introduces new virtual and augmented reality experiences targeted at Education, Utilities, and Cities

Austin, Texas (October 16, 2020) – Zpryme, an Austin-based research, media, and events company, today announced the launch of Froliq, a new standalone Extended Reality (XR) brand. Froliq translates real world physical processes and objects into data-rich digitized animations, generating a vibrant visual arena. Customers or workers, wearing headgear or watching on a mobile device, can interact and learn how to perform workplace tasks, or understand industrial or business processes. Froliq XR is designed to deliver training and educational simulations to the fields of utilities, academics, retail, health care, sports and entertainment.

“I am excited to be introducing you to the Froliq brand today,” states Jason Rodriguez, CEO of Zpryme. “Froliq is an XR development platform that our technical team has crafted over the past three years, which included work in partnership with Austin Energy and CPS Energy. Froliq apps deliver hands-on, animated, 3-D simulations that enable students, residents, or workers to learn about energy infrastructure, examine and test a product, or use a tool to perform a critical task in the field. Froliq delivers digitized 21st Century training and education into the hands of users. It places the user in the driver’s seat of products and services with comfort and mastery.”

The Froliq XR development team includes industrial and graphic designers, technologists, usability experts, and brand strategists. Examples of AR/VR applications designed on the Froliq platform include workforce training processes, new customer engagement and process orientation, testing product and material tolerances, and demonstrations of energy efficiency, electrification, and solarization. Froliq’s AR Electrify San Antonio app demonstrates electric power flows from generation through transmission to distribution.

“XR allows us to reach audiences with a level of interactivity like never before. We design Froliq experiences so that users actively participate with interactive content. We have no spectators, only engaged customers,” said Jorge Ortiz PhD, Director of XR at Froliq.

Industries and businesses adopting Froliq XR experiences position their organizations to acquire new customers, educate their community, connect with new potential markets, and orient new or existing customers to evolving business practices.

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