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XR App Dev

XR App Development requires a specialized skill set with a troubleshooting mindset to ensure successful deliveries across platforms. Keeping up with the latest mobile OS requirements, VR headset breakthroughs (Oculus Quest), and working with an advanced Content Management System capable of delivering an expanding variety of content formats, we build with the future of distribution and consumption in mind.


Live action 360 video captured in a controlled environment, like a traditional film set or documentary style production. The XR Media Group team has the capacity to run the creative and technical sides of XR Cinematic productions emphasizing story and immersion.

Live VR

Live (or Broadcast) 360º video that can be viewed from VR Headset (HMD), Desktop or Mobile devices. With a background in traditional 2D live broadcast, we combine a traditional approach with a forward thinking motive to produce an engaging and entertaining VR Live experience for our viewers.


Computer generated content overlaid on a user’s view of the real world to enhance the user’s real-world experience. We use Augmented Reality (AR) to power experiences for users around the world with mobile devices, providing an accessible entry point to XR Projects with an incredible ROI.

Broadcast AR

Also known as Virtual Production, Broadcast AR combines Live Broadcast Television with Video Game Graphics, overlaid in real-time and tracked to the environment. We work to creatively integrate Broadcast AR into existing pipelines to boost production value, while considering the broader XR integration potential. Sharing assets between Broadcast and Interactive provides an exciting and realistic opportunity for our clients to engage their audiences at the cutting edge.


Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs. We use photogrammetry to create accurate 3D models from real-world objects, architecture and environments. These can be used as the background for a VR environment, or an accurate object in an AR activation. We handle photogrammetry work from capture, to processing, to modelling, to optimization, to integration and delivery.