Electric Drive

A VR experience first showcased at the Energy Thought Summit 18 conference for Austin Energy.

“The virtual reality demo at ETS18 showcases Austin Energy’s Electric Drive project and how easy and fun it is to drive electric. We look forward to sharing this experience with Austinites in the near future.”

Besides the conference, the VR experience is also part of Austin Energy’s “EVs for school” prog4ram, a community outreach working with local schools to set up events to educate teachers and students in electric vehicles.


Users were taken on a virtual trip through West Texas to see firsthand where Austin’s renewable energy comes from, how to use smart vehicles/transportation, and charge a vehicle on Austin’s Electric Drive.


Austin Energy showcases the Electric Drive VR experience  in local school districts to introduce the convenience and positive aspects of electric vehicle (EV) charging. This initiative supports the advancement of electric vehicle science and technology as well as environmental responsibility. Students and teachers now have the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of electric vehicles and sustainability.